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Forget about problems related to communities of owners

Community Management on the Costa del Sol

Marbella, Manilva and Estepona are towns with the highest concentration of second home owners in Spain. Managing a community of owners in these circumstances isn’t easy if you lack the management skills and resources to ensure that your owners can forget about the problems that always arise.

Having a professional team such as that of Fernández-Fígares & Asociados to manage the community of owners will always ensure that problems are resolved quickly. At Fernández-Fígares & Asociados we try to anticipate problems, making regular visits to the communities and offering owners and their representatives a direct service via telephone, WhatsApp, e-mail or specific web portals to provide a more direct access that results in a faster solution to the problem.

As a comprehensive legal team, Fernández-Fígares & Asociados’ communities of owners enjoy a head start on everything related to new legislation and legal advice, as well as debt management with injunctions or the filing of lawsuits, if necessary, at no extra cost to the owners.

The problems that sometimes arise with holiday rentals in residential dwellings, the correct application of the coefficients in a community’s annual budget, or the resolution of problems presented by majorities when reaching an agreement at the owners’ meeting, pose no problems for Fernández-Fígares y Asociados.

A committed team is the only way to guarantee the smooth running of a community of owners. For this reason, at Fernández-Fígares & Asociados we continue to experience constant growth in the management of communities thanks to the sound work that characterises us and which our owners acknowledge.

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